The mission of the Central Virginia Hurricanes is to provide the players the opportunity to not only learn the basic fundamentals of football, but to understand the value of teamwork, discipline and respect for others. This mission is accomplished by providing each young man the opportunity to compete at the highest level while learning life lessons and core values. Education is amongst our highest standards as we stress the importance of being committed to excellence in the classroom and in the community.


The Football Program strives to provide three main elements

The objectives of this program are to incorporate the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty and loyalty in our youth through a program of organized football. We believe that youth sports can positively impact the lives of student athletes because we adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards of sports.


to strive to conduct a positive program aimed at helping bring out the very best


to strive to provide a valuable learning experience, and, above all


strive to provide an atmosphere of fun

The Central Virginia Hurricanes is an Elite Football Program dedicated to teaching and mentoring to the young men in the Central Virginia area. As a coaching staff, we strive to be role models for our athletes. We want our players to look to us for leadership, guidance and instruction. Our goal is to teach and instill: honor, perseverance, self-respect, discipline, teamwork, and respect on and off the field.

Our goal is to prepare these young men for the next level, which is High School Football. Their sports experience with the Hurricanes is intended to complement, to support and add to what they have learned thus far with other programs, however we take it to another Level. I believe that Football can help to shape these young men into men of integrity, character and future leaders of our communities.

We do our best to develop our young Athletes to help them reach their full potential both in the classroom and on the field, teaching them life skills that will help them become personally successful and socially responsible.

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